Nelson Mandela is the first black president of South Africa. His journey to reach his position was not easy. He was imprisoned for twenty seven (27) years however this eventually led him to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner in the year 1993 for his efforts to eliminate the apartheid system.

People like John Carlin, Jessie Duarte, John Simpson, and Matt Damon have witnessed Mandela’s humility and good will.

  • John Carlin: A chief editor; Witnessed how kind Mandela was towards a secretary from the previous apartheid government system.
  • Jessie Duarte: Witnessed Mandela’s thoughtfulness towards the hotel staff whom he didn’t want to disrespect since he mends his own bed.
  • John Simpson: Witnessed Mandela’s mysteriousness. He was not sure if Mandela was being serious or making a joke during a talk conference in Simpson’s school.
  • Matt Damon: An actor who noticed how kind Mandela was towards his children.

There are many more anecdotes about him describing how he is as a president and as a person. But one thing is for sure, Mandela was kind and loving towards his people; black or man.


This was translated by Faith Santos. Originally written by Babylyn De Villa & Sairah Dofredo.

Filipino Version:

Nelson Mandela’s Biography:


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