There were two siblings named Marilla and Matthew who live on their own farm; Green Gables. Since they were both old, not married and have no children of their own, they decided to adopt a male child to help around the farm.

However, while Matthew was waiting at the train station for their adopted child, a young girl at the age of eleven with red hair, worn out luggage and dirty clothes stepped out. Instead of the male they adopted, it was a female. Her name was Anne Shirley.

Due to her talkative and kind nature, Matthew told Marilla if they could take her in as their own. Marilla had doubts at first, but she eventually agreed. Anne is a cheerful child even though she is an orphan. She is positive, generous, and very imaginative. She never had a real friend before she arrived at Green Gables.

One day, she had met Dianna Barry and both of them became close friends. While at school, there was a young lad named Gilbert Blythe, whom Anne despises for he always teases her and her red hair. Anne shouted at him for pulling her braided hair and this began their deep rivalry to one another.

As Anne grew up, she became more serious towards her studies. Her behavior and intelligence was noticed by her teacher, Ms. Stacy, whom persuaded her to join a group study for an upcoming entrance exam in Queen’s Academy. Because of this and her hard-work, Anne managed to get the Avary Schoolarship, which will help her earn money for her to study in a four (4) year college course.

Carrying the good news with her, Anne rushed home to Green Gables to relay it to Matthew and Marilla. Yet, as she arrived, Matthew was experiencing a heart attack which led to his death. After also knowing that Marilla was getting blind, Anne decided to stay in Green Gables and gave up her scholarship.

When Gilbert heard of this, he quit his job so that Anne could take his position as a teacher. In the end, the two became close friends. Anne continues to stay positive upon the challenges she face.


This synopsis was translated by Faith Santos. Originally written by Arielle Umali and Czarina Piscasio.

Filipino Version:


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