The tragic story of Macbeth first starts off with two generals of Scotland; Macbeth and Banquo, coming home from a battle. Yet there suffering begins when they encounter three witches. These three witches have told their prophecy; that Macbeth will be the king yet Banquo will inherit the crown.

Macbeth wondered how he would be king, and so he consulted his wife, Lady Macbeth, to help solve his problem. She on the other hand proposed that they must kill the current king; King Duncan, in order for Macbeth to be king. Thus it had happened according to the witches’ prophecy, and the current king is now Macbeth.

Meanwhile, the previous king’s sons; Malcolm and Donalbain, fled the kingdom fearing for their lives. Malcolm had fled to England, while Donalbain continued to Ireland. Concurrently one of King Duncan’s trusted men, Macduff, had become suspicious of Macbeth and his wife, and he began to spread the allegations like wildfire. When Macbeth found out of this news, instead of having Macduff to be killed, he had ordered the execution of his wife, Lady Macduff and their children.

Once Macduff found out about this plot, he had fled and seeked help from Malcolm. He pleaded to help save Scotland from Macbeth’s hand and that Macbeth was the one who had killed his father. Enraged, Malcolm had borrowed 10 thousand warriors in order to bring down Macbeth’s tyrannical government.

On the other hand, Macbeth sought out for the three witches for him to know how to avoid his defeat. They told him that he will not die unless part of the Birnam Woods is not in front of his watchtower. Also, no one can kill him unless they were not born from their mother’s womb. 

However, Malcolm’s men charged with tree branches of the Birnam Woods. Macbeth’s problem has no resolution. Malcolm’s men continued to charged the watchtower, while Macduff dueled with the tyrant. Yet this duel has resulted in Macbeth’s death for Macduff was not born the usual way; he was born the Cesarean way, wherein you split open the womb and get the child.

Malcolm and his men won the battle, while he became the new ruler of Scotland.

This synopsis was translated by Faith Santos. Originally written by Angelo De Vera.

Filipino Version of the Story:

Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare.



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